Bible in an Hour Audio Presentation

Bible in an Hour does exactly what it says: it explains the whole Bible in one hour. Pastor Wade Butler created this overview for people who get bogged down while trying to read the Bible and have a difficult time seeing the whole picture.

Pastor Wade Butler has presented Bible in an Hour for almost 20 years across the United States, India and Africa. Thousands of people have not only enjoyed seeing the big picture of the Bible but also have found a love for the Bible kindled or rekindled. The four charts which come with the audio program (compatible with any MP3 player) allow the listener to put all of the books of the Bible in order…something not offered by any other program.

If you have tried to read the Bible and gotten bogged down in begats and have given up reading the Bible for yourself, then Bible in an Hour is for you. If you love the Bible and would like to be able to communicate what the Bible is all about to your friends and while witnessing, then Bible in an Hour is for you.

You will never spend a better hour with the Bible to see the whole picture! Sound unbelievable? Incredible? It is not. God’s Word can be explained in one hour and you will understand easily and forever the way God has revealed Himself in His Word.

So easy children love it and so deep adults listen again and again, Bible in an Hour has become a classic way to see the whole picture of the Bible.

Use Bible in an Hour for Bible classes as many others have or use it to instruct your Church Leaders in the Word of God. Bible in an Hour has been used in so many ways over the years!

Many people have come to faith by listening to this exciting and not boring presentation. Take an hour out of your life and end your frustration with understanding the Bible. Never feel guilty again about not reading your Bible because you will WANT to read it once you see the large panorama of God’s Word.

Created in 1982, Bible in an Hour has been a blessing for over 30 years and continues to be one of the best overviews anywhere. Used as a text at Concordia University Chicago, Bible in an Hour never disappoints!

Paul in an Hour – Life & Letters of St. Paul

Paul in an Hour explores the life of St. Paul, the greatest Christian Missionary who ever lived.

From his birthplace, growing up and education to his hating of Christians and then preaching to make Christians, this presentation makes St. Paul come alive to the listener.

While following the life and actions of Paul in the Book of Acts, Pastor Wade Butler explains where and why each of Paul’s letters was written and who received them. The letters of Paul from Romans to Philemon speak again within the time and history they were created.

The world was very different 2,000 years ago, yet Paul’s life and letters speak in a lively and relevant way to this very day.

Anyone who listens to Paul in an Hour will understand not only the Book of Acts, but will read with new appreciation the letters during the time recorded by St. Luke.

Filled with historical color and relevant information, Paul in an Hour makes sense of the Missionary Journeys of Paul and his trip as a prisoner to Rome by incorporating his letters when, where why and how his letters were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

With this purchase you get the charts of Paul’s three Missionary Journeys and his Journey to Rome.

Also, you will receive the complete transcript of Paul in an Hour by Pastor Wade Butler.

The Procession of God

The Tabernacle God commanded Moses to build in the wilderness was more than a traveling temple: it was fashioned after a Tabernacle model in heaven according to the writer of the Book of Hebrews. Since God commanded an earthy Tabernacle be built to mirror the one in heaven, who could doubt this Tabernacle Moses built is very important to God’s plans for mankind?

Imagine understanding WHY God commanded the sacrificial system; Imagine understanding WHY God arranged the Courtyard, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies like He did; Picture knowing the plans of God made plain on earth!

The entire Gospel is contained in the Tabernacle of Moses. The Ark of the Covenant, which captures your imagination immediately, the priests and the sacrifices have long been a mystery to the average reader. Pastor Butler removes any doubt that the Tabernacle of Moses describes EXACTLY what God planned to do for humankind and exactly HOW He planned to do it.

I you have been mystified and fascinated by the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, then this presentation is for you. It comes with a complete transcript of the presentation, and audio MP3 to be used across all your devices and a chart of the Tabernacle so you will miss nothing.

Perfect for personal and group Bible study since it arrives in 17 independent parts: Imagine how your Bible study will grow when you dive into the mysterious and wonderful Tabernacle of Moses. Seminarians and Pre-Seminary Students should not miss this chance to dive into the deeper things of God.

Since you want to dive deeply into God’s Word, then this presentation will lead you even deeper into understanding the plans and will of God.

Church History In an Hour

Church history can be very daunting and confusing. Where did all these Christian Churches come from and why are there so many of them?

This one hour presentation will give you the big picture you want. You want to know your Christian roots. The issue isn’t whether your church is connected with one of the great trunks of the Christian family tree, the issue is you want to know where you fit in. Who doesn’t?

Many people become confused by hearing so many voices and seeing so many churches. Buy and listen to this presentation and you will know for certain where you fit in and where to learn more.

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time

The Bible can be daunting for the new ( or renewed reader). Think of how many times you tried to read the Bible only to give up and let the dust gather. You feel guilty for not reading you Bible or you feel curious to know what it says.

This presentation will cause you to read the Bible with much more understanding.

I wish I had this presentation when I went to get my first Bible. The advice here is just what you are looking for to get started or to make a new start.

I am very informal in this presentation. Nothing fancy. Just good advice for anyone, including you, who wants to read the Bible for themselves but needs a little boost of understanding.

You will enjoy this presentation – it is just what you are looking for if you are new or renewed to the Bible and when you read the Bible.

This is my gift to you and you will benefit greatly.

Step by step I take you through selecting a Bible at the Christian Bookstore (or replacing your dusty one) and I even explain how to open it right to break it in if you buy one with a leather back.

The Bible is the most owned least read book in the world.

You have been meaning to read the Bible; you know it is the right thing to do for your faith and its increase; if you don’t start sometime you may never start so here you will learn to start now.